Privacy Policy

I don't do anything with the data you submit, aside from creating a zip file and delivering it straight to you. The generated zip file is deleted on a regular basis. I don't store any of that data.

The code for all of this is available on Github. It's pretty crappy, so try not to judge too much.

I do record your visit to the site using piwik, for purposes of self-indulgence and, in theory, improvement to the tool. It's mostly self-indulgence though.

This website is a free, ad-free service provided to you, to help you get excited about WebdriverIO. My hope is that you'll find WebdirverIO useful enough to use on your own projects.

In fact, I want you to be so excited by WebdriverIO that you'd happily pay for a video course on the tool. Because it just so happens I have video course on WebdriverIO, which helps pay my monthly bills.

But not all of them. Which is why I spend time making tools like, to help pay my bills and keep my family in a comfortable home with access to great education.

So yeah, that's my privacy policy. I won't use your data (except to stroke me ego); I just hope you end up giving me the moneys :D